About Lana

Lana was born in Kirkuk, Iraq (1989). Her mother is from Sulemaniye (Qaradagi), her father is from Kirkuk. She is the third child in a family of four. At the age of seven the family fled to the Netherlands (Amsterdam).  She can speak fluent Kurdish, Arabic, Dutch, German and English. Before pursuing her career as a singer, she finished her studies in Events and Business Management in 2011 and International Business and Management in 2013.

Leaving Kurdistan to move to the Netherlands was not an easy task for the family. They had to adjust and work very hard to establish a new life. Both her parents found work (her father is a commandant engineer and her mother is a school teacher for students with special needs). As a family they tried to keep their Kurdish traditions alive by celebrating important holidays (such as Nowruz), listening to traditional music and cooking traditional Kurdish dishes together.


“As a young girl I enjoyed a happy childhood filled with joyful memories. I was always singing, dancing and putting up shows in the Netherlands. I joined a theater group and for the first time I experienced the magic of being on stage. I enjoyed performing in front of a crowd. Although acting was one of my favorite arts, my passion always remained in music. Therefore, I educated myself signing in Arabic.”

Although she was always drawn to music she decided to finish her management studies before pursuing her dreams. This turned out to be a very wise decision as she personally manages her own career. Growing up in Europe, she always dreamt of one day returning to my homeland Kurdistan. She had a lot of respect for the Kurdish traditions and it’s rich culture. Nevertheless, she wanted to be a spokesperson for the Kurdish youth that strives for equal rights and education.

“I believe that the future lies in the hands of the youth today. We are the ones that will make the future decisions. When returning to Kurdistan I saw the amazing progress that Kurdistan has shown, regardless of the countries violent history.”

This has inspired her so much that she had decided, with the support of her family, to move to Kurdistan and develop her career.